Kensington-Kadosh Commandary No. 54
Annual Awards Banquet
October 24, 2010

Eminent Commander &
Right Eminent Grand Commander
Sir Knight S. Timothy Warco, R.E.G.C.

New Illustrious Knights of the Triangle
S.K. John K. March, V.E.D.G.C.
awards S.K. & Rev. Thomas C. Haugh

S.K. Charles E. Lankert
Knight Templar of the Year
S.K. John F. Groves
Past Commander of the Year

Eminent Grand Captain General
& Eminent Commander
S.K. & Rev. William D. Hartman
& Eminent Commander

Sir James Swinton, M.E.G.C.
& Makia L. Pai, E.C.
S.K. Jan L. Boggess
& Eminent Commander

S.K. George Haynes
& Eminent Commander
S.K. Jay Hochberg
& Eminent Commander

Eminent Commander & Recorder
Eminent Commander &
Dr. Anne Marie K. Pai

S.K. S. Timothy Warco, R.E.G.C.
& future Grand Commander
Look who's wearing the red cords now!